1995 {2 Disc}

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"We are in the great day of atonement, when our sins are, by confession and repentance, to go beforehand to judgment. God does not now accept a tame, spiritless testimony from His ministers. Such a testimony would not be present truth. The message for this time must be meat in due season to feed the church of God. But Satan has been seeking gradually to rob this message of its power, that the people may not be prepared to stand in the day of the Lord. " {1SM 124.3}  Seventh-day Adventist have been given a special life changing,  life saving  message to be demostrated in our own  lives as well as to be  given to the world. Satan hates this message, His continued existance depends on getting rid of  this message and the people that would preach and teach this message. This two disc set "1995" traces Satan's attack upon the  "Three Angels Messages"  over the years culminating in 1995 with the actually removal of the  "Three Angels Logo" from our churches, our buildings, stationary, Sabbath schools books, vehicles, etc. the removal of the logo simply means that the message for which it stood has also been sucessfully removed. Brothers and sisters This is all out war. GET READY   GET READY   GET READY