A More Sure Word of Prophecy: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Out of the "French Revolution" came a new manifestation of satanic power to make open avowed war upon the word of God. in this extended series we have dutifully and meticulously traced that satanic power down through the years from that fateful experience in France to the present time  and named it: "A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION." This weapon of "Mass Destruction" has pervaded and infected the whole world just as the prophet said it would {see ED-228} Unfortunately God's Remnant Church has also been thoroughly  infected. What we must do , we must do quickly. This ten disc series is truly an eye opener. This material is perfect for single viewing  or a study group with pen,tablets and books in hand. This series ties in with a previous 7 disc series call "Decision Time." Get Ready   Get Ready   Get Ready. {10 Disc}