Christ, Our High Priest - Bible Study Kit

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Kit 2
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Our Saviour is in the sanctuary pleading in our behalf. He is our interceding High Priest, making an atoning sacrifice for us, pleading in our behalf the effectiveness of His blood.  It's our goal to represent the Saviour in this kit in order to establish in our minds the plan of salvation, how that because of transgression of the law of God, Christ became our sin-bearer. The fact that the only-begotten Son of God gave His life because of man's transgression, to satisfy justice and to vindicate the honor of God's law, should be constantly kept before our minds especially in these last days of probation.

This kit was designed, developed, and produced with this very thing in mind. The use of scripture, spirit of prophecy, and fun elements (paints, washi tape, sticker, ect) will be an aid in explaining these [spiritual] lessons and fixing them in the memory.


Each kit contains:

  • A Lesson Guide (with 3 pointed Bible study entries)
  • Alphabet Sticker Sheet
  • Buzz words Sticker Sheet
  • Lesson Based Sticker Sheet
  • 5 Victory Notes
  • Precious Gems Die Cuts
  • A Stencil
  • Bible Fetti
  • Get Ready Sticker
  • A “Revelation”