Decision Time I {7 Disc}

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It is Decision time friends, probation is about to close for our beloved church . In the words of Jude, it is now time as never before to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints...Jude verse 3. Let us be very honest, there is a huge battle raging today in our churches over theology. Theology is a big word, it affects the standards of a church, it affects the mission of a church, it affects the directions of a church, in short it will completely change a church and produce a "New Organization". We have been repeatedly  warned  that Satan would do all in his power to undermine and  destroy the pillars of our faith. To say the least it is startling to see these things taking place before our very eyes. This set presently contains 7 DVDs, the titles are as follows:



1. How Soon Is Soon  

2. Daniel 11

3. Revelation 17

4. Revelation 11 Part - 1

5.Revelation 11 Part - 2

6. Glorious Land Part - 1

7. Glorious Land Part - 2